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Product name: Set 10 Straws + 1 Brush + 1 Craft box for Bamboo Straws

Straw material: 100% from Vietnam bamboo tree

Size straws: 8-10mm

Material box: 100% Craft Paper

Color Box: Brown

Logo Printing: Customized but MOQ 1000pcs

Feature:  Eco friendly, biodegradable, reusable,compostable, organic


- Created by nature and handcrafted in Vietnam, each bamboo straw is 100% organic. Upgrade to an eco-friendlier lifestyle by switching from petroleum-derived plastic straws to natural straws.
- This product is committed to protecting and preserving our environment. By using these reusable, biodegradable, plant based drinking straws you are helping the environment by reducing plastic waste.


- These are the absolute best plastic straw substitute. Take these reusable bamboo straws with you, to use these as your plastic straw alternative everywhere you go (straw cleaner included)!

- The Bamboo straws can be washed manually by Coconut fiber brush or by machine of DISHWASHER and reused many times. Finally, the straws are compostable, so they will never ever end up polluting the environment.

Bamboo drinking straws are durable and can even be used by kids. The bamboo straws are odorless and tasteless, so you can enjoy your drinks without off flavors. Bamboo being a natural material, every straw is unique in color and size.








Nội dung

06-11-2019 11:29:54 James Green

How much would 100 units be delivered to UK? 

Thank you!


11-10-2019 19:39:17 Mr Jon Elliott


how much would it be for 

300 boxes with delivery please to the UK



12-10-2019 09:48:36 Trong Nguyen Mr

Kindly check your email comming from


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