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Product name: Lacquer Coconut Shell Bowl

Material: Coconut Shell

Diameter: 12-14cm

Height: 5-6cm

MOQ: 100pcs

Lead time: 7-10 business day

Sample: possible, please contact us

Eco-friendly, Durable, Multi functions

+ Each coconut bowl created by different nautural coconut, so each coconut bowl will has different size and shape. After harvested coconut, they are polished outer shell and smoothing the inside clean. So, coconut bowls always have natural color.

+ Coconut bowls are non toxic, lightweight. They are very durable and won't break or crack if you you drop them.

+ You can use coconut bowls as smoothie bowls. Perfect for anything from smoothie bowls to salads to stir-fry, everything looks and tastes better out of a coconut bowl. You also can use coconut bowls to decorate your house

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